Jan/07 Christmas
Jan/20 Orthodox Epiphany
Mar/02 Adwa Victory Day
Apr/17 성 금요일
Apr/19 Orthodox Easter
May/01 노동절
May/05 Patriots' Victory Day
May/24 Eid ul-Fitr
May/28 Dergue Downfall Day
Jul/31 이드 알 하드 하
Sep/11 Ethiopian New Year
Sep/28 Feast of the True Cross
Oct/29 Milad-Un-Nabi
Jan/09 Christmas (Coptic Calendar)
Jan/21 Orthodox Epiphany
Mar/04 Adwa Victory Day
May/02 성 금요일
May/03 노동절
May/04 Orthodox Easter
May/07 Patriots' Victory Day
May/15 Eid ul-Fitr
May/30 Dergue Downfall Day
Jul/22 이드 알 하드 하
Sep/13 Ethiopian New Year
Sep/29 Feast of the True Cross
Oct/21 Milad-Un-Nabi