This page displays a table with Antigua And Barbuda Exports By Country in U.S. dollars, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.

Antigua And Barbuda Exports By Country Value Year
United Arab Emirates $19.73M 2019
United States $3.66M 2019
Netherlands $2.85M 2019
Saint Maarten $2.24M 2019
Saint Lucia $1.18M 2019
Hong Kong $975.10K 2019
St Kitts and Nevis $726.70K 2019
France $658.10K 2019
Dominica $554.96K 2019
British Virgin Islands $477.28K 2019
Trinidad And Tobago $443.77K 2019
St Vincent and the Grenadines $414.92K 2019
Montserrat $406.01K 2019
Barbados $280.47K 2019
Anguilla $268.19K 2019
United Kingdom $216.69K 2019
Spain $211.74K 2019
Grenada $205.83K 2019
Canada $154.21K 2019
Germany $138.31K 2019
Gibraltar $114.87K 2019
Jamaica $98.79K 2019
Portugal $76.68K 2019
Albania $73.71K 2019
Switzerland $70.38K 2019